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Brightpics strives to keep our customers happy through personalized service that caters to each school’s and parents’ individual needs. Our hardworking and friendly photographers aim to capture the perfect picture every time and make sure that every school is satisfied with each product and service they have ordered from Brightpics. Our representatives maintain personal relationships with each school and promise fast turn around times for proofs and photo packages. Brightpics offers a number of different school services and products to choose from. The Brightpics team is always working to answer any questions or concerns at our office during regular business hours.

Below is a list of different services and products Brightpics offers for schools:

OSR (Ontario Student Record) Stickers

- We create easy-to-peel stickers of all student images

Student Directories

- A Binder which contains individual student Images

Images on CD for School Database

- We provide your school with a CD of all the images of students for the school database

Yearbook CD

- We provide each school with a CD for their yearbook with all the images of students from the original and retake photo day

I.D. Cards

- We offer many different types of I.D cards including Staff I.D., visitor pass, washroom pass and bus pass
- We can produce instant I.D. cards at your school when Fall pictures are being taken

Certificates & Diplomas

- We collaborate with schools to produce and then print personalized graduation diplomas and achievement certificates

Customizable Bookmarks

- Brightpics creates our very own brightly coloured and uniquely designed bookmarks for special events that feature individual portraits of students
- We create simple but special birthday bookmarks that are personalized with the child’s photo

School Panoramics

- These are larger pictures of the whole school or graduating class that include the name of the school and the year
- Created for individual sale to students, larger framed panoramic can also be produced for the school

Staff Composites

- A composite made with images and names of all staff for that year

Allergy Alert Posters

- We generate for your school a list that includes the individual photo of each student and their specific allergies

School Mosaics

- We work to create personalized mosaic photos with images of all students and the school name and year with different designs to choose from

Team & Club Photos

- Our photographers will take professional team and club photos that can be put on a CD and given to the school to use in their yearbook

Assistance with School Fundraisers

- We can arrange a Fundraising Event which incorporates a Spring Photo shoot or Family Photo Night to raise money for your school