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How can I order my photo packages?

There are a few different options available to you to order the packages you want:

1) Fill out proof form that was given to you, including payment, and return it to the School by the given due date on the form. Mail in your proof order form to our office. Please include payment and clearly mark your choice of package.

2) Place your order over the Phone by calling our office and speaking to one of our customer representatives who are happy to assist you. Only Visa and MasterCard can be accepted as forms of payment over the phone and online.

3) Use our new online ordering system! Simply click here to make your order.

Can I order my photo package to be mailed to my house?

Yes, you can request on your order form that your package be mailed to your house instead of delivered to the school. However, if you would prefer your package to be mailed you must include an additional ten dollar fee to cover mailing charges. Please also include your full address, name and telephone number on your order form.

Can I order just a CD of all my images?

Yes, we now offer the option for you to buy a CD of all of your images. You can order your CD by using our online ordering system or by calling our office and speaking to a customer service agent.

How Does the Retouching Program work?

For each letter package you order you have the option of retouching your photos. Retouching applies to blemishes only on the face and does not include glass glare, hair, scars or moles. See the example on the back of your proof order form to see for yourself how photos can be improved using this option.

Am I able to order an extra group class photo?

Yes, you can definitely purchase extra group class photos. This can be easily done by calling our office to place your order over the phone using Visa or MasterCard.

Can I order two different poses for one individual letter package that I order?

No, for each individual letter package that you order you can only choose one pose for that given package. You cannot split up a package between two different poses. You can of course order different poses but each pose has to have its own letter package.

Do I need to pay the late fee?

Yes, the late fee is in place to cover mailing charges that are necessary for late orders as these orders will be processed by our office at a later date and will not be delivered to the school with the orders that were submitted on time. It is not possible for our team to deliver every late package to the school but we do our best to process all orders given to us promptly and guarantee your order to be delivered before Winter and Summer Breaks.

Can I keep my original proofs if I decide to have retakes done? After retakes can I still order from my original photos?

If you decide to go for a retake you need to return your original proofs to the school. You can order from your original proofs after retake photos are done but they will be processed as a late order and therefore a late fee will apply.

Are Sibling Photos included within the Family Plan?

No, Sibling photos are not included in the Family Plan package.

Can my child wear a green colored outfit if they are having their pictures taken on a Green screen?

Yes, your child can wear green clothing even if a Green Screen is being used on their photo day. However we do prefer that your child wear other bright colors instead of green if possible. Wearing green clothing will not interfere with the quality of the photographs.

If I missed the original photo day and retake day at my school can I still get my photos taken?

Brightpics does offer the chance for students to come to our studio office and have their pictures taken as a last option if they were not able to attend either photo day at their school. These studio sessions occur on Saturdays and start in February and last until June. Please call our office today to ask about dates for these sessions and to book your appointment with us. We would be happy to accommodate you as we understand the importance of having your picture taken for the school year.