Grad Photos - Elementary

Graduation marks a special moment in your child’s life. As your child moves on to another chapter in their life, Brightpics is here to capture these moments. We offer an SK and junior graduation program with a variety of backgrounds, poses and products to choose from.

Graduation photos for all students will take place on the same day during the spring. Our photographers will provide a cap, gown and flowers for the pictures and take different poses of your child. We also offer for all students a chance to order a class composite in addition to their individual photos. Composites include the graduation pictures of each student in their graduating class and provide the school name and year of graduation.

For our Elementary Graduation program we offer additional services for the School Administration. Each school will be provided with a CD of the graduation images of each child so they can be used in their school yearbook. They will also be given a larger complimentary Composite photo mounted and framed so that it can be hung up on the wall of your school.

Retake days are also offered for all schools in case of a student’s absence or if they are not satisfied with their first proofs.

When can I expect my photos?

After photos are taken at the school, proofs will be sent back to the school within 3 business days of the original photo day. We guarantee this quick turn around time so that parents can easily and promptly make their order. Please allow for 4-6 weeks after orders have been placed and proofs have been picked up from the school for final photo packages to be delivered to the school and handed out to the students. Please make sure to provide your name, address and telephone number on your proof order when you hand it in.